Beholding the Glory of the Lord
Being Changed bij His Beauty

[Dit is de Engelse vertaling van 'Kijken naar de Heer. Veranderen door zijn schoonheid']

"I would love to look more like Jesus. But I just can't..."

Many Christians are longing for change. They make an intentional effort, but when they realize they are not making any progress, they become frustrated.

In this book, the author uses 2 Corinthians 3:18 to point us to a way to expect everything from Jesus and his Spirit. You only need to do one thing: Look to Jesus in faith and enjoy his glorious radiation! Then the Spirit will increasingly reproduce Jesus' own glorious beauty in your life.

Via this new approach, Jos Douma knows how to touch and articulate the core of the Christian faith. In doing so, he shows how the Christian life is really worthy living.

Translation: Dick Moes
Published: January 2012
Pages: 188
Price: $ 23,95
Publisher: iUniverse