In the Labyrinth of Grief
40 Words of God that Offer Comfort

[Dit is de Engelse vertaling van 'In het doolhof van de rouw. 40 Bijbelwoorden die troost bieden']

- Brief meditations for those in sorrow -

When death enters our life, a process begins that we refer to as grieving. This is a confusing process that is accompanied by different emotions such as sadness, unbelief, relief, anger, resignation, depression, despair, and even new joy in life.

The image of the labyrinth helps us to accept that grieving is a complex process in which we learn to accept the empty place and seek to come to grips with all our emotions.

The forty short meditations in this book were written with the goal that we might allow ourselves to be comforted from God's Word and that - in all our confusing emotions - we may know ourselves to be secure in the God who gives us hope.

"In the Labyrinth of Grief God gently comes alongside you with promises of his faithfulness, comfort, and enduring love that are just right for each day of suffering. It is an excellent little book to have when dealing with many of the unanswered and challenging questions that arise when a loved one suddenly dies. Most of the short daily messages brought forth feelings that we at times had difficulty addressing or even acknowledging. The size of this book makes it appealing to pick up and take along wherever you go."
- The Bontkes family -

"When we experienced the loss of a child for the second time, we once again found that in the early stages of our grief it was difficult to concentrate or process information. Our hearts and minds were reeling from pain, and we were grasping for the strength to just get through the day. In the Labyrinth of Grief helped us focus on God's Word when it was hard to concentrate, offered a daily dose of comfort when there were no words for the pain, guided our prayers when it was hard to find focus in prayer."
- Nick and Lisa Vanderven -

Translation: Dick Moes
Published: April 2009
Pages: 94
Price: $ 10,40
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers